Complete each thought with a peaceful conclusion. Calculate the positive things. Combust negative energy out of your space.

Observe the surroundings in calmness. Obsolete things obviously vanish from around you. Only desires, goals, and accomplishments left to obtain.

Nevertheless; own it, this is a new thing. Never lose grip of it; reality is self-made. Natural endless possibilities await.

Trust in the silent whisper. Those thoughts are fuel for the transmission. Take control of your life; be the one to write the script.

Reveal the purpose of your stay here. Render relevant service along the way. Remember to receive what you deserve. Replenish each day.

Organize your thoughts to condition the mind. Orchestrate the events that occur. Obstacles become fun games to play.

Leave old habits behind. Level up to living a divine life-style. Life is a gift given to each individual for the experience.



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