“Right Now”

“Right Now”

Plan for the best

Right now

Don’t think luck

Is something you have to find

Everything you desire is available for you

Right now

Get up and be ready

For all the opportunities

And new places

Be prepared when you’re

Surrounded by all the new faces

Plan for the greatness in you

To come out and blossom

You’re going higher than helium balloons do

Cut those strings that control you

Get up and make those big moves

Your participation is all it takes

For everything you want and need

Is right here



Plan to win

Right now is the time

Look from within

You got it in you

Let it shine

Make it come true

Right now

-Erika A. GarciaAuthor, Erika Alexandria Garcia





Love allows me to get closer
Love allows you to experience more
See, the mirror image of me
Love allows me to never be alone
Love allows pains to become pleasure
Observe, as Love allows joy to enter
Love is the start of all new beginnings full of wealth as a means to spread compassion throughout the World!
“Self-Motive,” Love said
Drive your will-power to be living blissfully in all your desires
Joy riding through this journey
All this learning makes me eternal
Infinite Love—–, help spread my wings
Love is how I conquer anything
Listen, I can go on and on about this “Love” thing through my experiences
Understand, Love can mean as much as you make it all it takes is for you to shake away all the hatred
Love allows all of us to make happiness what we want it to be
Love is never complicatedLove allows you to be stronger
Love allows you to feel free making life easier to stay and play a while longer
Love allows the heart to experience comfort
Extraordinary is what Love can be
Stay calm and breathe Love is easy——
-Erika Alexandria Garcia

Source: Love